Products and Services

Create & Send Invoices
27 different types

Proforma, Sales, Overdue, Consolidated, Retainer, Interim, Time sheet, Final, Credit memo, Debit memo, Mixed, Commercial, Recurring, Digital, E-invoice and many more.

Send by:
  • SMS Text, Email, Fax
  • File Sharing, Digital/EDI
  • First Class Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Fedex Standard Overnight Letter
Send & Receive Funds
Fastest funds transfers in the US

Transaction Options:

  • RTP - nearly instantaneous
  • Push-to-Debit - 30 minutes
  • Same Day ACH - a few hours
  • Next Day ACH - about 24 hours
  • Standard ACH -- transfers in 3 to 5 days

Pre-authorization required for faster transfer methods - identity and account verification. Fees vary by speed and features used.